John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil

1994 John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil on Darkot An (4650m), Ghizar, Northern Pakistan Lukpe Lawo or Snow Lake, one of the world's largest glacial basins seen from Hispar La, Baltistan, Northern Pakistan 2000 John Mock on Ghidims Pass South (5,650 metres), Shimshal, Gojal, Northern Pakistan 2000 Kimberley O'Neil on Mai Dur Pass (5,700 metres), Shimshal, Gojal, Northern Pakistan

Pakistan Trekking & Mountaineering Statistics

The Tourism Division of the Government of Pakistan's Ministry of Sports & Tourism is responsible for Pakistan trekking and mountaineering. The Tourism Division designates all areas into one of three zones: open, restricted, or closed. Foreigners are allowed to go anywhere in open zones up to 6,000 metres without a permit or guide. Foreigners are allowed to go in restricted zones up to 6,000 metres, but are required to pay a fee, obtain a permit, and hire a guide. Foreigners are prohibited in closed zones. No statistics are kept for tourism in open zones. Statistics are kept, however, for tourism in restricted zones. Restricted-zone tourism is further categorized by the Tourism Division as trekking (any activity below 6,000 metres) or mountaineering (any activity above 6,000 metres).

The data we present in table format is compiled from annual Tourism Division reports on regulated, restricted-zone tourism. Almost all climbing and mountaineering expeditions, but fewer than half of all trekking parties, fall into this category. Most trekking tourism is in open zones. This data can be taken as indicative of all trekking and mountaineering in Pakistan, and hence is of interest to scholars, development and conservation organizations, and stakeholders in Pakistan's tourism industry. Of particular significance are the statistics for the Baltoro Glacier, which is Pakistan's most visited trekking and mountaineering destination.

Pakistan Trekking & Mountaineering Statistics Activity
Permits & Arrivals (1985-2004) Trekking Mountaineering
Visitors by Destination (1994-2004) Trekking Mountaineering
Permit Revenue & Number of Individuals Employed (1993-2004) Trekking Mountaineering
Fatalities (1985-2004) Trekking Mountaineering
Visitations - Restricted Zones (1994-2004) Trekking & Mountaineering
Visitations - Baltoro Glacier (1994-2004) Trekking & Mountaineering
Shimshal's Mountaineers Mountaineering
Altitude Pakistan's List of Pakistani Mountaineers Mountaineering - Database of Ascents Mountaineering
Baltoro Glacier photographed by the NASA Space Shuttle EarthKAM program on February 14, 2000
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