John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil

1994 Baintha Brak (The Ogre) from Hispar La (5151m),Baltistan, Northern Pakistan 2004 Kyrgyz yurt at Kashch Goz, Little Pamir, Wakhan, Afghanistan Gasherbrum IV (7925 metres), Baltistan, Northern Pakistan

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The Photographer

John Mock's interest in photography was seriously perked in 1991 while working as a guide and translator for a National Geographic magazine photographer in Hunza, northern Pakistan. His images depict remote and hard-to-reach mountain places and the people who inhabit them.


John Mock’s creative images are managed exclusively by Getty Images as part of the Lonely Planet Images collection. If you want to view, search for, license and/or download images, just enter the photographer's name (john+mock) into the search box on Getty Images website – or take a look here. The portfolio includes the following subjects, locations, and themes:

  • Subjects

    • Mountains, tourism/adventure travel, indigenous people and their cultures

  • Countries / Locations

    • Karakoram & Hindukush Mountains - Chitral district of Pakistan's North-west Frontier Province; and Ghizar, Gilgit, Hunza, Gojal and Baltistan in Pakistan's Northern Areas. Wakhan and the Afghan Pamir of Afghanistan's Wakhan District, Badakhshan Province, including Little Pamir and Kyrgyz camps.
    • Himalaya Mountains - Northern India (Himachal Pradesh) and Nepal
    • Sierra Nevada Mountains - California's Tahoe Basin, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and many wilderness areas
    • Rocky and Bighorn Mountains - Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park

  • Themes

    • Landscapes (mountains, rivers, valleys, glaciers), portraits of indigenous people, wildflowers, people trekking/hiking and camping, mountaineering, Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries and art, petroglyphs, traditional architecture, wildlife, village life, herders and their livestock.


John Mock's images have been published in Vogue Australia and Woman's World magazines, books, textbooks, travel brochures, calendars, diaries and encyclopedias, travel websites such as Yahoo Travel, and have appeared in corporate and educational advertising campaigns.

His images have been published in The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (2004) and these travel guidebooks by Lonely Planet Publications:

Lonely Planet's Northern California 1st edition cover photograph by John Mock

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