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Shishpar (7,611 meters) seen from Avdegar Lukpe Lawo or Snow Lake, one of the world's largest glacial basins seen from Hispar La, Baltistan, Northern Pakistan

Pakistan's Karakoram & Hindukush Mountains

The Karakoram and Hindukush, at the western end of the great mountain chain of South Asia and Central Asia, contain the greatest concentration of high peaks and the greatest expanse of glaciers of any mountain range outside the subpolar zones of our planet. These mountains are also home to a kaleidoscope of people, whose diversity and uniqueness offer a personal counterpoint to the immensity of the physical terrain and climate extremes.

Over the past 30 years John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil have crossed more than 50 passes, traversed or crossed more than 60 glaciers, and visited more valleys throughout the Karakoram and Hindukush than they've counted. Their reward has been the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world and the gracious warmth and hospitality of the people they have met.

Trekking in the Karakoram & Hindukush - a Lonely Planet walking guide
coauthored by John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil

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K2 (8,611 meters), the world's second tallest mountain, seen from Gondogoro La (5,940 meters) 1995 Paiju Peak (6610 metres) and Uli Biaho (6417 metres) from Baltoro Glacier, Baltistan, Northern Pakistan

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