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1994 John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil on Darkot An (4650m), Ghizar, Northern Pakistan Lukpe Lawo or Snow Lake, one of the world's largest glacial basins seen from Hispar La, Baltistan, Northern Pakistan 2000 John Mock on Ghidims Pass South (5,650 metres), Shimshal, Gojal, Northern Pakistan 2000 Kimberley O'Neil on Mai Dur Pass (5,700 metres), Shimshal, Gojal, Northern Pakistan
"We have found that trekking Pakistan's northern mountains calls for an open spirit of adventure and a sense of humor, and brings the rewards of perhaps the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, the gracious warmth and hospitality of the people met, and a feeling of accomplishing something remarkable."

Trekking in the Karakoram & Hindukush

John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil coauthored Trekking in the Karakoram & Hindukush, a Lonely Planet walking guide. This definitive guidebook to Pakistan trekking was first published in 1996 and a second edition was published in 2002; both editions are sadly out of print and copies are hard to find.

2nd Edition, January 2002

• the expert guide that tests mind and body in this little-travelled corner of the Central Asian mountains
• new maps at better scales for the major trekking areas
• treks that make the most of the region, from the picture-postcard Fairy Meadows to the towering granite spires in eastern Baltistan
• explores "technical" trekking with ropes and climbing gear to tackle glaciers and high-altitude passes
• leads trekkers through all the colour and energy of a trekking paradise

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Walking in its rhythm and naturalness is the closest to all the acts we choose to the acts we don't: to breathing and the beating of our hearts, the other rhythms that direct the rhythm of the walking. Of all the things we learn, it is the most natural, like birds learning to fly, and of all of them the act that becomes the most unconscious. Walking is the only way to measure the rhythm of the body against the rhythm of the land. Rebecca Solnit, Savage Dreams

Readers' Comments

"I pay heartiest tribute and homage for outstanding work to promote tourism in my region [Gilgit Baltistan]." Muhammad Qasim, Pakistan, April 2021

"My congratulations on writing the first walking guidebook Trekking in the Karakoram and Hindukush" Markus Protze, Germany, February 2021

"I am an admirer of your work. As much as I hate guidebooks I praise your Karakoram works." Piotr Safier, Poland, September 2020

"…the almost legendary travel guide… I do consider it the best walking guide ever published by Lonely Planet." Moritz Steinhilber, March 2017

"I have just finished [reading] Yak Sarai and Shamshal-e-Bamisal by my favourite writer Mustansar Hussain Tarar. Your name [O'Neil] was mentioned so frequently in Yak Sarai that I could not resist searching for your book about Pakistan and have just ordered your Trekking in the Karakoram & Hindukush." Dr. S. Ijzaal Zaidi, January 2008

"I own and treasure the Lonely Planet Trekking in Karakoram/Hindukush, and whenever I investigate the subject online, I always run into your names after a few clicks. I greatly respect and admire both of your careers, and thank you for the extraordinary work you have done." Matt Malone, March 2005

"I own the second edition of your Lonely Planet guide to Trekking in the Karakoram and Hindukush. Let me congratulate both of you on a book that does an excellent job of putting my country and its people on the map in a positive light. My personal thanks for doing this service." Omar Shehryar, June 2004

"The Lonely Planet trekking guide in Karakoram is great and provides very usefull information. Thank you very much for all the information you provide. It will be very helpful for us in order to prepare our expedition. Good job." Olivier Obert, April 2004

"My wife and I are enthusiastic trekkers and have read your Lonely Planet trekking guide Trekking in the Karakoram and Hindukush. Thanks a lot." Roger & Maraga Iten, March 2004

"Am reading your book, thank you, thank you." Susan Sawicki, February 2004

"Last year we have started studying books, papers and Internet sites about mountaineering possibilities in Pakistan, but the information about peaks lower than 8000m are very rare. After the events of 11 September 2001 and the dispute between Pakistan and India at the end of the year, we have stopped our plan. But in January we have seen and bought your new Trekking Guide (Karakorum & Hindukush). So, we (two German mountaineers) are planning carefully again a trip to Pakistan. We want to congratulate you for the very informative and fine book! Thanks." Frank Homburg, March 2002

"I read with great interest the fascinating information on your web page. As a student of South Asia and mountaineer myself it was thoroughly refreshing to come across all of your research, writing, teaching, exploration and adventure. Thank you." Gardner W. Heaton, November 2001

"Be assured that my friend and I will order crates and crates of the upcoming revision of your Lonely Planet guide!" John Soos, March 2001

"Many thanks for producing an excellent guide book. It has been an indispensable resource as I plan my trip to the Karakoram." Peter Lamb, June 2000

"It was good to find out you were the authors of Trekking in the Hindukush and Karakoram. We had your book with us every time we visited northern Pakistan and it was extremely useful. Actually our expedition's leader has just told me you were their first contact three years ago, when they first ventured into Pakistan to climb. What was only a wild idea back then grew itself out to be a successful expedition, they were the first Hungarians to climb Tirich Mir. So we say hello, and remember you as someone who gave a few good tips when we didn't know virtually anything at all." Anna Haraszti, February 2000

"I just returned from a summer in northern Pakistan, and my trip was greatly enhanced by your well-written book. The trek descriptions were easy to follow and allowed me to differentiate among the various options. I especially liked the summary section that listed all treks by region and rated them. As a novice trekker, this section was particularly important to me, because many other books I consulted did not clarify the difficulty levels of each trek. Of course, the maps were also very useful and well documented. Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to the set of mountain trekking guides." Cheryl Carruth, September 1999

Pakistanis' Comments, June 2008

The chapter "Trekking in Northern Pakistan" by John Mock, Ph.D. and Kimberley O'Neil appears in Lonely Planet Publications' Pakistan & Karakoram Highway (7th ed. May 2008, Buy this book, ISBN 1-74104-542-8).

  • "We appreciate your professional contributions towards tourism promotion in Pakistan particularly for the Northern Areas mountain communities who benefited and expect for the better future of tourism. Book cover is so attractive, presenting the best of its own." Saeed Jan, Misgar
  • "Your works are great and commendable." Fazal Amin Beg, Gulmit
  • "Congratulation to the new edition of LP ... Bohut Acha." Maqsood ul Mulk, Chitral
  • "I am thankful to inform me about your new adition. I congratate you and your success. I have seen your new aditon in Madina with some tourists [who] came from England and looked its some pages too." Yaqoob, Gilgit
  • "I [would] like to congratulate for the 7th edition of Lonely Planet, Pakistan and the Karkoram Highway." Ejaz ullah Baig, Baltit
  • "I congratulate you on the publication of [the] new updated edition of Pakistan & the Karakoram Highway. We highly appericiate your contribution in promoting tourism in Northern Areas." Ghadir Shah, Passu

1st Edition, November 1996

This informative guidebook is essential for travellers to Pakistan's impressive Karakoram and Hindukush mountains, whether you are a novice hiker or an experienced trekker. Written by authors highly experienced in Pakistan trekking this is the most comprehensive guidebook available. Packed with information for glacier travel and high pass crossings, and trekking suggestions ranging from shorter day hikes to hard-core difficult treks, this guidebook helps you chose routes that suit your interests and abilities.

Lonely Planet's Trekking in the Karakoram & Hindukush offers:

  • practical details, including hiring porters and equipment and health and safety tips
  • guidelines for environmentally responsible trekking
  • illustrated flora and fauna section, including coverage of the temperate mountain forests and the high Karakoram
  • in-depth language chapter covering Urdu and six other local languages
  • thorough background on the region's people and culture

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