John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil

1994 John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil on Darkot An (4650m), Ghizar, Northern Pakistan Lukpe Lawo or Snow Lake, one of the world's largest glacial basins seen from Hispar La, Baltistan, Northern Pakistan 2000 John Mock on Ghidims Pass South (5,650 metres), Shimshal, Gojal, Northern Pakistan 2000 Kimberley O'Neil on Mai Dur Pass (5,700 metres), Shimshal, Gojal, Northern Pakistan

Consulting Services

Tourism Development & Promotion, Ecotourism, Protected Area Management & Wildlife Conservation

We offer consulting services based on a “grassroots”, collaborative approach that encompasses:

  • participatory appraisal and research;
  • strengthening of local knowledge repositories;
  • community-centered planning, implementation and evaluation; and
  • communication facilitation and consensus building among all stakeholders.

Our particular expertise includes:

  • community-based conservation and development;
  • protected area stewardship;
  • ecotourism planning, management, marketing and promotion; and
  • conservation education.

Our geographical area of expertise extends through the mountainous regions of South Asia: Pamir-Hindukush-Karakoram-Himalaya

  • Pakistan, Northern Areas & North-west Frontier Province
  • Afghanistan, Badakhshan Province, Wakhan District
  • Nepal

Our nearly fifty combined years of experience in South Asia enables us to work effectively and immediately, with:

  • high-level language skills in multiple languages;
  • awareness of multiple cultural contexts; and
  • familiarity with diverse institutional practices.


We have provided consulting services to:

Please see John Mock's curriculum vitae and Kimberley O'Neil's résumé for further information.

We welcome consideration for future consultancies.

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