John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil

The Source of the Oxus River:
A Journey to the Wakhan Pamir & Across Dilisang Pass to Misgar
(July-August 2004)

by John Mock & Kimberley O'Neil, Copyright Text © 2004

Notes for Travelers and Tour Operators

Read about the 2008 Return to Noshaq campaign to raise funds to clear landmines
from the trekking route to Noshaq (7492m), Afghanistan's highest peak.


  • Afghan Tourism Organization (ATO),
  • P.O. Box 281, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism,
  • Mohammed Jan Khan Watt, adjacent to Spinzer Hotel, Kabul, Afghanistan

See additional resources for Afghanistan travel.

Itinerary & Route

Additional information is forthcoming.

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