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Table III - History of Khunjerab National Park

DatePrivate Property RegimeState Propety RegimeCommunity Property Regime
Prior to late 18th centuryn/an/aKirghiz and Wakhi share pasture usage.
Late 18th century to 1974Mir of Hunza allocates grazing rights to local communities and controls hunting and trade with China.n/aMir of Hunza's shepherds and local communities share usage for grazing.
1974n/aHunza State merges into Pakistan.n/a
1975 Apr 29n/aKhunjerab National Park declared.n/a
1975n/aConservator of Forests, Northern Areas makes oral agreement with villagers using Khunjerab pastures to provide Rs. 5,000 per household per annum as compensation for loss of pasture rights in Khunjerab National Park.n/a
1986n/an/aKKH opens for foreigners over Khunjerab Pass.
1988n/aDirectorate of Khunjerab National Park established.n/a
1989 Junn/aInternational workshop on the management planning of Khunjerab National Park recommends strict enforcement of ban on grazing in Khunjerab Pass core area.n/a
1990 Aug 4n/an/aTemporary injunction issued against government interfering in grazing rights of villages (Sost, Nazimabad, Sartez, Gircha, Jamalabad, Morkhun, Galapan) until civil suit is settled.
1990 Oct 15n/an/aCourt of Civil Judge 1st class No. I, Gilgit orders all parties to maintain status quo as of summer 1989 (Civil Case File No. 64 of 1990).
1991 Mayn/aKhunjerab Security Force evicts all shepherds from Khunjerab Pass core area.n/a
1992 Jan 5n/an/aAgreement between local communities and Northern Areas administration to jointly manage park, share revenue, and provide employment for local communities.
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