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Appendix G - Average Length of Stay

Average Length of Trekker's Stay

Valley(s)/RegionTrek RouteSeasonLength in # of days
Kalash ValleysBirir to BumboretMay to mid October1
Kalash ValleysBumboret to RumburMay to mid October2
Kalash ValleysRumbur to Chimirsan An & Chitral GolJuly to early October2
Chitral Gol National ParkChaghbini to KasavirApril to October2
Chitral Gol National ParkChaghbini to Gokhshal & Chimirsan AnJuly to October2
Shishi & Golen ValleysShishi Valley & Lohigal AnJuly to mid September3
Shishi & Golen ValleysGolen Gol & Phargam Anmid July to mid September4
Shishi & Golen ValleysRoghili Golmid June to September1-3
Lutkho ValleyAgram Gol & Besti GolJuly to mid September3-4
Lutkho ValleyOwir Anmid June to mid September2-3
Turikho ValleyZani Anlate April to October1
Turikho ValleyTirich Mir Base Campmid June to mid September6
Turikho ValleyShah Jinali Anmid June to mid September4
Turikho ValleyKhot Anmid June to mid September2-3
Turikho ValleyHindu Raj CrestJuly to early September3-5
Upper Yarkhun ValleySholkuch to Broghil & Karambar AnJuly to September7
Upper Yarkhun ValleyDarkot AnJune to September2-3
Upper Yarkhun ValleyKachakani AnJuly to September7
Valley(s)/RegionTrek RouteSeasonLength in # of days
Upper Ghizar River ValleyChumarkhan PassJuly to September2
Upper Ghizar River ValleyDadarelli AnJuly to September6
Upper Ghizar River ValleyZagaro AnJuly to August3-6
Yasin ValleyThui AnJuly to mid September5-6
Yasin ValleyNaz Bar AnJuly to August3-4
Yasin ValleyPunji PassJuly to September4
Ishkoman ValleyKarambar Valley, Lakes, PassJune to September5
Ishkoman ValleyAsumbar HaghostJuly to September4
Valley(s)/RegionTrek RouteSeasonLength in # of days
Bagrot ValleyDiran Base Campmid June to September4
Bagrot & Haramosh ValleysRakhan Galimid June to mid September3-4
Haramosh ValleyKutwal Lakemid June to September6
Nanga ParbatFairy MeadowsMay to mid October3-6
Nanga ParbatRupal ValleyJune to October5
Nanga ParbatAround Nanga Parbat via Mazeno Lamid June to September9-12
Kaghan ValleyLake Saiful Mulukmid June to September1
Kaghan Valley to Indus RiverBabusar Passmid June to September4-6
Valley(s)/RegionTrek RouteSeasonLength in # of days
Naltar & Pakora ValleysPakora PassJuly to September5
Naltar & Daintar ValleysDaintar PassJuly to September4-5
NagyrChaprot Valleymid June to October1-2
NagyrBar Valleymid June to October3-8
NagyrMinapin GlacierJuly to September5
NagyrBarpu Glaciermid June to October6-8
NagyrRush Pharimid June to September3
Hunza ProperHassanabad Nala - Muchutshil GlacierJune to October4-6
Hunza ProperHassanabad Nala - Shishpar GlacierJune to October4-6
Hunza ProperUltar NalaMay to October1-3
GojalYunz ValleyApril to October1
GojalAvdegarApril to October2-3
GojalPatundas & Borit SarMay to October3-4
GojalBatura GlacierMay to October5-10
GojalWerthum Nala to Lupgar Valleymid July to September2-5
GojalPassu to Shimshal VillageApril to October2-3
GojalShimshal Pamirlate May to early October8
GojalBoesam Pass, Ghujerab Valley & Chapchingol PassJune to September7
GojalBoiber Valleymid June to September3
GojalLupgar Pir Pass & ValleyJune to late September6
GojalPamiriJune to October4
GojalChilinji AnJune to September6
Valley(s)/RegionTrek RouteSeasonLength in # of days
Basha ValleyChogo Lungma Glacierlate June to early September5
Basha ValleySpantik Base Camplate June to early September10
Basha & Haramosh ValleysLaila Base Camp & Haramosh Lalate June to early September10
Deosai Mountains & PlainsBurji Lamid June to mid October3
Braldu Valley & Biafo GlacierBiafo Glacier to Snow LakeJune to September8-10
Braldu Valley & Biafo-Hispar GlaciersBiafo-Hispar TraverseJune to September12
Braldu Valley & Baltoro GlacierAskole to ConcordiaJune to September15
Braldu Valley & Baltoro GlacierConcordia to K2 Base CampJune to September1-2
Baltoro Glacier & Hushe ValleyConcordia to Hushe via Gondogoro Lalate June to August5
Shyok & Hushe ValleysThalle La & Tusserpo Lamid June to mid September3-4
Shyok & Hushe ValleysGondogoro ValleyJuly to September9
Shyok & Hushe ValleysHushe to Concordia via Gondogoro Lalate June to August8
Shyok & Hushe ValleysMasherbrum Base CampJune to September5-6
Shyok & Hushe ValleysK7 Base CampJuly to September5
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